Allahabad HC asks UP Govt to submit detailed reports on funding of religious institutions

The Allahabad High Court asked the UP Government to show the record of state funding for all the religious institutions of the state.

The State government has been asked by the Court to bring in the record of the syllabi/courses, conditions and standards of recognition including the requirement for playgrounds at the madrasas and all other religious institutions which are aided by the state government.

The Court asked “whether other religious minorities are also provided government aid for running theological schools and whether there is a prohibition against women from applying as students in religious schools and if so whether such bar is an act of discrimination prohibited by the Constitution.”

The Court heard a writ petition filed by Madrasa Anjuman Islamia Faizal Uloom. The petitioner also challenged the UP Government’s decision to reject the representation/application for the creation of additional posts as the number of students were rising.

The state government has to file a counter affidavit within a period of four weeks and fixed October 6 as the next date of hearing.

Justice Ajay Bhanot

The state government was also asked by the Allahabad High Court whether the madrasas that are recognised and funded also admit girl students or whether the absence of mandatory provision for playgrounds for recognition even for Madrasas and other religious institutions is incompatible with the rights of children conferred by Article 21 read with Article 21A of the Constitution of India?

The Court directed the State to submit their response that whether the policy of the state government to provide financial aid to institutions imparting religious education is consistent with the scheme of the Constitution particularly in light of the word “secular” in the Preamble of the Constitution.

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