Gurugram: Woman registers 7 “rape cases” against 7 different men

A social activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj has written to DGP and CM for the formation of a SIT to look into a case where a woman filed multiple rape cases at different police stations in the past one year in Gurgaon.

The Haryana State Commission for Women has taken cognisance of the complaint by the social activist.

Acting Panel Chairperson Preeti Bhardwaj Dalal sought the formation of a Special Investigation Team to probe the case. Dalal said in the letter, that the accused woman had filed seven cases alleging rape against seven different men at seven different police stations of Gurugram district, Haryana.

Dalal requested to constitute a SIT including a female and a male officer along with three other officers to probe the matter. She called for a “thorough and strict investigation” of the case as the case had “linings of criminal activities which may be similar to sexpinage, extortion or honey trapping.

”Laws are like double-edged weapons. If they are made to protect the rights of a person, they can also be misused to throttle the liberty of opponents.”

Preeti Bhardwaj Dalal (Acting Panel Chairperson)

Two out of seven cases filed by the woman have reportedly been found fake. The accused blackmailed the men and forced them to marry her. She had accused the men of raping her by promising marriage in the FIRs.

The alarming rise in false rape cases in India is a matter of concern. It is very necessary to take strong actions against people who file false rape cases. Rape is not merely a physical assault, it often destroys the whole life of the victim. This trauma can persists for years, mentally, emotionally and physically draining the victim. But same can happen with a person who is falsely accused of rape. The accused in a false rape case loses his honour, his family, his career and is stigmatised for life. It is a need of the hour to deal strongly with false rape cases.

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