Human rights organisation urges 57 states to rescue women and children held in Syrian detention centres

A Human rights advocacy organisation, Rights and Security International (RSI) issued the second of two reports on Wednesday urging for the urgent evacuation of women and children imprisoned in the al Hol and Roj detention camps in northeast Syria.

An estimated 12,000 children – the majority of whom are under the age of 12 and women from countries other than Iraq and Syria are being imprisoned in these camps and subjected to torture on the basis of a supposed affiliation with ISIS. UN experts have condemned the conditions in both the al Hol and Roj camps as dismal, filthy, and a stain on humanity’s conscience, with no end in sight for the camps’ women and children.

RSI study

According to the study, many governments throughout the globe have the authority to halt the arbitrary detention of women and children in these situations by reclaiming them. The British government has been explicitly urged to put a stop to the torture of British children and women by bringing them back to the UK from the camps.

“By refusing to return these children and women to the UK when it has the ability to do so, the British government is subjecting people – including its own residents – to torture and death.”

Sarah St Vincent, RSI execuive director

‘This denial flagrantly disregards fundamental human rights that the British government supports on a global scale, and considers these Muslim women and children as less than human.’

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Despite the fact that this is the second of two RSI reports urging the British government to protect its nationals from abuse, exploitation, and sickness, the British government has refused to repatriate their children and women. Instead, it has revoked their British citizenship.

The report questions if the British government’s actions were based on racist, Islamophobic, or gendered preconceptions, and declares unequivocally that “no one should be abandoned to torture and death, much alone because of Islamophobic prejudices or unsubstantiated assumptions.”

UN human rights experts have written to 57 nations whose citizens are thought to be in the camps. A lack of sufficient education, healthcare, nutrition, and developmental chances for children also infringes their rights. As a result of injuries and stress suffered during and during their stay in the camps, those children who have survived face continuous dangers to their lives and physical and mental health.

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