Jantar Mantar case: Preet Singh granted bail by the Delhi High Court

Preet Singh was granted bail by the Delhi High Court on September 24, 2021, in connection with the alleged provocative and anti-Muslim sloganeering at Jantar Mantar. After hearing Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain representing accused Singh and Tarang Srivastava for the prosecution, Justice Mukta Gupta delivered the decision after reserving it earlier this month.

Singh is the President of the Save India Foundation and is suspected of being a co-organizer of the rally at which incendiary chants were chanted. On August 27, a Sessions Court denied him bail, citing the fact that he was plainly observed, actively engaging in the inflammatory statements with other accomplices.

During his bail hearing, Jain argued that a hostile point of view, no matter how extreme, cannot be prosecuted under Section 153A of the IPC unless it promotes hatred amongst religious groups.

In response to the prosecution’s claim that the conference was held to seek a Hindu Rashtra, Jain said that the gathering was held to demand uniformity in legislation, such as one nation, one tax, one civil code, one health code, and so on. He further informed the Court that after the Police protested to the gathering being held without authorization, the participants were removed.

Petitioner has stated the facts like,

“Hindu Rashtra to doo april ko hi ho ho-jayega”,

“yogi eek hai bhogi soo hai, soo yogi kee jarorat hai”,

“kuch loag es desh mein abhi gadhe baaki hai, unhe gadhe par

bithake unhe aagee sarka deenge. Shayar nahi hai ye kayar

hein, band kamre me toh kuch be kah deeve, yahan dahado naa,

yahan hum khade hain, aaoo aamna saamna kar-loo”

Jain argued that the Prosecution’s status report does not contain a single allegation that Preet Singh committed any of the crimes charged in the case. Singh was also not present at the gathering when the alleged sloganeering occurred, according to him.

“With all due respect,” Jain said, “if my ladyship believes that the demand of Hindu rashtra in a democratic setting falls under the ambit of sec. 153A IPC, then I would not pursue my bail plea.”

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