The haircut went wrong in 2018, a woman will get Rs 2 crore as compensation from a salon in ITC Hotel

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has awarded a lady Rs 2 crore in compensation after workers at a salon at Hotel ITC Maurya gave her a bad haircut and treatment in 2018, leaving her “with little or practically no hair.” The complainant was a hair product model.

“No question that ladies are highly cautious and meticulous with their hair” and that they “spend a substantial sum on maintaining their hair in excellent condition.”

Justice RK Agrawal and Dr. SM Kantikar issued the decision

“They have an emotional attachment to their hair as well. Because of her long hair, the complaint was a model for hair products. She’s worked as a model for VLCC and Pantene. However, she lost her expected assignments and incurred a large loss as a result of the ITC Hotels Ltd cutting her hair against her orders, which drastically ruined her lifestyle and wrecked her goal of being a top model,” the ruling stated. The complainant intended to continue her modelling duties, which primarily included hair items, and she had also been given a movie role.

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The complainant went to the Hotel ITC Maurya’s salon for a haircut on April 12, 2018, because she had an impending interview. The woman requested her regular hairdresser, who was unavailable and was instead assigned to another hairstylist based on the staff’s reassurance.
Despite the complainant’s specific instructions for long flicks/layers covering her face in the front and back, and 4-inch straight hair trim from the bottom, the hairstylist “chopped off her entire hair leaving only 4-inch from the top touching her shoulder,” the hairstylist “chopped off her entire hair leaving only 4-inch from the top touching her shoulder.”

Salon employees gave her a complimentary hair treatment, which the complaint described as “dubious” and “damaging to her hair.” “Her scalp was burned with a terrible burning sensation as a result of the hair treatment, and she had itching and flaking of the scalp. The chemical used in hair treatment has permanently damaged her scalp, according to the commission record.

She was also employed as a senior management professional and receiving a respectable salary, according to the commission.

She suffered a serious emotional breakdown and trauma as a result of the Opposition Party’s carelessness in cutting her hair, and she was unable to focus on her job, eventually losing her employment. Apart from that, the Opposition Party is also guilty of medical malpractice when it comes to hair care. Her scalp was burned, and she still has allergies and itching as a result of the Opposite Party’s negligence,”

The decision stated

The lady claimed she suffered “serious mental breakdown and low self-esteem” since she “always had long hair and has been left with little or no hair due to ITC Hotels Ltd’s negligence.” The case’s responses argued that the complainant’s “compensation claims are ex-facie excessive and without any substance.”
“No foundation for the demand for compensation to be valued at Rs 3 crore has been laid forth in the complaint. The complainant has purposefully exaggerated the purported claim in order to invoke the jurisdiction of this Hon’ble Court, and the case is likely to be rejected for lack of financial jurisdiction.”

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