National Legal Services Day 2021

November 9 is celebrated as National Legal Services Day, every year. On October 11, 1987, the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 was enacted. The act took effect on 9 November 1995. India’s National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) was constituted under its provisions on 5 December 1995.

NALSA took activities including free legal aid and advice to the needy, disposal of cases through mediation and amicable settlement. It was a unique effort to minimise the pendency load (backlog) of Indian courts as well as to afford access to justice for needy litigants.

To commemorate the occasion, the day of enactment was first celebrated in 1995 as National Legal Services Day. Each State’s Legal Services Authorities organize the day through state, district and taluk level institutions.
The main aim of the Legal Services Authorities Act was to provide a “statutory base to legal aid programmes” in India on a uniform pattern.

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju extended his greetings to everyone on National Lega Services Day and said that he is proud of the services that the National Legal Services Authorities, State Legal Services Authority and District Legal Services Authority provides.

Nitin Gadkari along with many other netizens marked the day, by creating awareness on ensuring fair and timely justice to each and every citizen of the country.

“On World Legal Services Day, let us pledge to make sure the availability of free services to the weaker section of the society and make them conscious about their rights.”

The sole purpose of this act is to provide free legal aid to people belonging to marginalised social-economic communities in the country. It also promotes the setting up of Lok Adalats for the settlement of disputes among various groups of people.

Anybody can apply for free legal aid by approaching the concerned authority for their case through a written application or by filling the forms offline or online or even making the case for free legal aid orally.

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