41-year-old man lost a legal battle demanding “maintenance for life” from his wealthy parents

A 41-year-old Oxford graduate man in the UK has lost the legal battle in which he demanded “maintenance for life” from his wealthy parents. Faiz Siddiqui, in his plea before a UK court had said that his human rights were violated.

However, the UK court rejected his plea by saying that he is not entitled even to a penny. It also rejected the claims made by Siddiqui that his rights have been violated.

Siddiqui, an Oxford graduate and a trained lawyer, practiced at top law firms of UK. He also worked with Ernst & Young as a tax advisor. He is also a qualified solicitor.

Siddiqui lost his job in 2011 and has been living rent free for 20 years in a £1 million home near Hyde Park in London, which is reportedly owned by his parents Rakshanda and Javed, aged 69 and 71 respectively.

Parents of Faiz Siddiqui, Rakshanda (69) and Javed (71)

The parents of Siddiqui also provided £400 every week for his expenses and were also paying his bills and other daily expenses. However, the parents stopped providing funds after a family dispute. Faiz demanded the money to be increased and he wanted his “enormously wealthy” parents to support him for life.

The judge of the UK court said that adult children could not be supported for entire life

“Parents should be under no legal duty to support their adult children, however grave their need.”

The lawyers of his parents described Faiz as “difficult and demanding” and they also said that his parents were “long-suffering.”

Faiz had earlier sued Oxford University for £1,000,000 in 2018 over his failure to get first class honours. He lost that case as well.

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