NEET-UG 2021: Supreme Court denied a request to postpone the NEET 2021 Exam

The National Testing Agency told the Supreme Court on 3rd September said that the non-declaration of the results of the CBSE Private, Compartment, and Patrachar examinations for Class XII will not preclude such students from taking the NEET-UG test. A bench composed of AM Khanwilkar Judicial Office, Judicial Hrishikesh Roy and Justice CT Ravikumar had heard the request for a date following the CBSE Compartment / Private / Patrachar test declaration for a re-submission of NEET UG21. The bench considered the appeal, together with a further written petition (Shashank Singh vs the Indian Union), aiming at changing the date sheet and private and patrachar examinations and declaring their results as early in order not to conflict with other entrance tests. Both requests were postponed for further hearing until Monday, 6 September. The request attempts to invalidate a public notice dated 13 July scheduling NEET as “manifestly arbitrary” on 12 September and “in breach of Article 14 of the Indian Constitution.”

Immediately after the continuing board examination and the other competition tests, the petitioner requested a retable medical examination on a convenient date. In the meantime, NTA DG Vineet Joshi said previously that NEET will not be deferred. “No direct conflict exists between NEET and CBSE Board tests, as scheduled on 12 September.” In relation, the NTA spokesman stated, a surge in NEET tries “The Health Ministry will decide on repeated attempts at NEET. At this time the attempts at the medical entry have not been increased.” A segment of pupils is asking for the postponement of NEET because of an enhancement in the CBSE board, comparison tests and other entrance examinations. The Biology Examination of CBSE Class 12 students will take place on 6 September, Physics on 9 September on the same week of the NEET exam.  The petitioners contend that the NEET UG schedule obviously disadvantages a subset of candidates. The petition further claims that although officials have aided similarly positioned JEE Mains applicants by postponing the exam. Furthermore, the petitioners have stated that in the same case, the Court noted that the exams for private candidates will be conducted by CBSE between 15.08.2021 and 15.09.2021, and the results will be declared as soon as possible so that even these students will be able to undertake their additional learning if they so desire. According to the petitioners, even though a tentative date for private candidates and improvement candidates was in the public domain, the respondents neglected to take notice of it before arranging NEETUG21 on September 12th, and so violated the Supreme Court’s decision. It is common knowledge that taking a test is more than just showing up, and such a busy schedule of examinations cannot be considered a fair opportunity. This is significant since NEET UG21 is only held once a year,” the petition argues.

On Monday i.e. 6th September, the Supreme Court of India denied a request to postpone the NEET test, which was set for September 12. The Supreme Court denied the petition of a group of students who claimed that the medical entrance exam would conflict with other exams.
The panel stated that NEET is taken by 16 lakh students and that the exam cannot be postponed at the request of a few candidates.

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