US Lawmakers to Introduce Bill To Make Diwali A Federal Holiday

As Diwali approaches, US Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney plans to introduce a bill in Congress to make Diwali an official holiday in the United States.
If the bill is passed, Diwali will be recognized in government institutions with large populations, honouring the cultural legacy of millions of Indian Americans who celebrate the festival in the US.

Members of the India Caucus, including Congressman Ro Khanna and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, as well as other activists, will join the Democrat Congressman from New York on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to announce her proposal.

Sanjeev Joshipura, Executive Director of Indiaspora, will accompany the congresswoman, who has long been a supporter of the Indian diaspora, to represent members of the Indian American community. Previously, US senators remarked during a Diwali celebration event that Hindu-American culture had enhanced the United States and the world.

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The event is frequently attended by a large number of Elected members, government figures, and significant community leaders from all around the country.

Following the bill’s passage, the Diwali holiday will be honoured in government institutions, since large communities celebrate Diwali to honour the cultural legacy of millions of Indian Americans.

In the previous 1.5 years, there has been a lot of darkness. It is critical to be able to celebrate and appreciate the significance of Diwali

-Vice Admiral Surgeon Gen Vivek Murthy

Diwali will be celebrated on November 4 this year.

Diwali was the only major holiday that did not have a stamp until the stamp was produced. Christmas, Hannukah, Eid, and Kwanzaa have stamps, but Diwali has never been celebrated for some inexplicable reason. That has to change, I realised


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