New Rules for Social Media

The social media has become an important part of our life. It has become the medium of the people. It’s using by the billions of people whereas millions of thought has been friction to each other. In other words Social media can influence and retractility on the opinion of the people whereby chaos may arise. As seen in the US presidential election of 2016 where Republican’s candidate Donald Trump had allege to the Russia that Russia mislead the people of US via Social media.In indian context social media was causing a lot of clutter even SM had got immunity as per the section 79 of Information Technology Act 2000 which had clearly saying that “Any social media intermediary will not be in the radar of legal action for any third party information data, or communication link made available or hosted by him” that means no matter has arise that how much you spread fake narrative but social media will be always treated as a intermediary only. whereas this rule changed this narrative.

Now government in action when it was introduced before the country of that time IT minister shri Ravi shankar prasad had said that “As per the gov data WhatsApp has 53 crore users, YouTube has 44.8 crore, Facebook has 41 crore, Instagram has 21 crore and Twitter has 1.75 crore users. these are big numbers they are very happy about it. Indian users are using these platforms and they are also making good business. Welcome!but what has happened concerns are being raised over the years about rampant abuse of the SM platforms.

As per the rule the company may have to locate the originator. Originator which has to spread fake news firstly whereby anarchy may be spread in the society. Originator may be originate sexual things, child sex-material, Rape /gang rape videos, communal riots muniments, etc specially women on removal of objectionable content such as nudity, mms, and sexual acts which has liable under imprisonment for a term of not less then five years and it will have to delete this content within 72 hrs.

According to New IT rules the company shall appoint three officers and they shall be resident of India who will deals with the grievance rederessal system. Firstly there shall be a chief compliance officer it would have responsibility to surveillance this act, secondly the nodal officer the government can consult/contact with him into 24×7, thirdly The Resident grievence officer which is the ultimate top authority who will be the responsible for all functions mentioned under the grievence rederessal mechanism this officer shall acknowledge the complaint within 24 hrs and resolve it within 15 days from its receipt. That unlawful information within 36 hrs of the order of the court or the government will have to be removed or disabled access. 

i.e The Information Technology (Guidelines for intermediaries and digital media ethics code) Rule 2021 in which the SM like WhatsApp ending its ‘End – to – End encryption’ protocols and pave the way for a surveillance state. SM likes which has more than 50 lakhs users most big players has been fall under this rule and government has order to the social media that it has been regulate within 3 months. 

Every coin has two aspects government said that this act could barricade the chaos in community or country on the other hand the opposition said that government is invading privacy and Right to privacy is a fundamental right covered under Article 21 of the Indian constitution decided by the hon. Supreme Court in the Puttaswamy Vs Union of India 2017 case. government perspective ya opposition theory ultimately you have to decide. 

By:- Sunny kumar 

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