People are living by WhatsApp university, how tragic: Kerala High Court

It Is Unfortunate To Live On Knowledge Of Whatsapp University, High Court’s Comment In Case Of Newborn Death – Kochi High Court

The Kerala High Court dismissed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition that sought to prevent alleged forced vaccination of children across the State, finding that the petitioner had moved the Court based on information received through social media. The court also made an interesting comment, “Don’t go by this WhatsApp University. You are here with a speculative cause of action. We are not going to create confusion in the minds of people”. 

While hearing the case of death of a newborn in a birth center named BirthVillage, Justice Devan Ramachandran of Kerala High Court expressed surprise that it is unfortunate that people live on the basis of the knowledge of WhatsApp University.

During the hearing, Justice Ramachandran, while making oral remarks, said, the existence of the concept of midwifery in Kerala in 2023 and people using it is extremely shocking. People are living on the basis of WhatsApp University. This is so sad. After all, why are these institutions still running?

Justice Ramachandran expressed surprise that people go anywhere but do not go to safe and reliable regular hospitals. Safe scientific, medical and tested methods of delivery exist, but people are opting for untested, prima facie fraudulent practices. This is not about any particular person, but about the attitude of citizens in general, for which we all are responsible.

What is WhatsApp University? 

The term “WhatsApp University” is used to describe the spread of misinformation and fake news through social media platforms like WhatsApp. It is important to verify the authenticity of information before sharing it with others.

The matter is serious, officers should take immediate action

Taking the matter seriously, Justice Devan Ramachandran said that prima facie the allegations of the petitioners are so serious that they deserve immediate attention of the competent authorities. Petitioners’ counsel Raghul Sudheesh told the court that Cochin BirthVillage was still operating and many mothers were still being duped through advertisements. The court has included the local authorities as parties in the case and asked them to investigate and inform whether Birth Village has the necessary license or not.

This was the case

A petition has been filed in the Kerala High Court, seeking directions to the Central Government to make rules to control midwifery model and delivery centers for delivery. The petitioner couple told the court that their child was born at a birth center named BirthVillage in Cochin and died two days later. In the petition, the couple alleged that their child was born in Birth Village due to lack of medical facilities and absence of a trained doctor. Whereas, they were told that natural delivery and post-natal care of the child would be done through midwifery model, and trained doctors would also be present if needed. The baby was born with jaundice, prompting him to be exposed to sunlight while in need of medical attention.

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