Population Control Bill — Some Suggestions

Seventy years, an independent Nation tolerated Muslim population burden! While stringent population control measures were thrashed upon Hindus, Muslims were mysteriously exempted. However, while Hindu population has been highly slower growth rate, the Muslim population has shocking increase over 70 years. Hence, it is rightly felt to check population control. There is no doubt that Muslim population explosion alone has to be checked now without any further delay to save this country from turning into a Muslim country, breaking further and from breaking down economically. The Population Control BILL (PCB), the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) are now felt to be introduced after almost everything has gone out of control. Still better late than never.
UP CM Yogiji and the Judiciary will be remembered by this Nation, mainly Hindus for such bold and revolutionary steps. 
But the question is, does the proposed bill fulfil the requirements of the purpose it is planned? Let us see: One wife, two children formula proposed for all which Hindus have been thrashed upon for last 7 decades, therefore, there is no doubt that it is for Muslims. The punishment for violation is loosing Govt jobs, no benefits of govt schemes, no participation in local body elections. Unfortunately, these are applicable for progressive not retrospective, and silent on what will happen to those who already have 4 wives and half a century children and enjoying all benefits, jobs and electoral powers. Let us debate/review why Muslims are not losers even after this bill…..
First, those who already have 4 wives and 4 dozen children and continue to enjoy all benefits, will continue to decide the fate of electoral, burden National treasury with same level of expenses. Half of their children already might be enjoying Govt jobs and facilities and already have 2 to 3 wives and have one and a half dozens of children. The new law will not apply on them either as per the proposed bill. Those who are not married, say, new law will apply on them, but the impacts of already impacted impacts will reduce after atleast 2 decades, and till such time the impact of population on India and Hindus will be more than deadly. No Nation can be savedq like this. 
Secondly, under the proposed bill, Muslims will not waste a single day to marry after attaining marriageable age. And will not waste a moment to have 2 children immediately after marriage. Even, who knows, if designs are planned in mosques, they will have children on the day or the month of marriage! Is there any law to stop or specify as to when one can have children? On the other hand, Hindus will continue to do the same thing as they are doing now, that is, 25% will not marry, most will lead life of live-in-relations, 50% will marry at the age of 30 to 35 and will have their first child after 5/6 years of marriage, and time will be out to have second child, and may be wives will loose the capacity to bear second child while husbands may suffer from impotency. Remaining 25% will marry at the age of 40 and will not have any child or will not be able to produce child due to age or some or the other complications. In effect, the population of Hindus will reduce or slow down as seen now and on the other hand, Muslim population will grow in equal proportion to cross Hindu population, may be delayed by one decade at the most. So ultimately the Nation will fail to control population, that is, population of muslim religious group, only to see miseries at the cost of most law abiding populace called “the Hindus”. Hence, the Bill is not adequate or is incomplete and requires ammendments which I prose as under::
What Bill should contain or what should be done:
1) For the existing cases of multiple wives and children, the laws should be specific: a) if the family head is already in Govt job, no jobs or facilities to more than 2 children of the family as a whole, b) as overall family, Govt benefits only to the extent of family head and first wife whether she is now with the family or divorced (or the surviving senior most wife only) and 2 eldest children,c) no voting rights or participation in electoral process other than family head, first wife (with or divorced) and 2 eldest children, d) pensionable benefits, if any, strictly only to the first wife (with or divorced). 
2) For entering into marriage, attainment of marriageable age is not enough, the boy has to have job or permanent source of income before he marries, and verifiable declaration has to be given to the Govt to that effect. 
3) First child only after 5 years of marriage. However, this cooling or moratorium will not apply, if someone marries at the age of 30 or after. 
4) Second child only after completion of 7th year of the first child when it goes to the primary school from KG. 
5) Two-child policy means strictly two-child policy only, any ifs and buts will give cushions to people avoid rules and will have more children. We should remember that like present day arrangements in Muslim society, Mullahs, Moulvis, masjids, NGOs and foreign sources will continue to take care and feed such extra children, and ultimately will be heavy on the part of the Nation. Hence, in case of more than 2 children, the couple should be put behind bars and all benefits withdrawn including VOTING RIGHTS. 
6) Sterilization should be administered on both the couples immediately after 2 child. This should be made compulsory.

By: – Putul Chandra Das, Hyderabad. 


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