Threads: A New Social Media App

Threads: Rising Social Media Competitor Redefining Brand Presence.

On Twitter People Tweet, But What They Do on Thread?

What is Threads?

Thread is a new app from the company of Facebook, Instagram and What’s app. The platformlooks a lot like Twitter , with a feed of largely text based post although users can also post photos and videos where people can have real time conversations.

Thread account can also be listed to public or private. Verified Instagram accounts are automatically verified on threads.Finding friends and other individuals to follow is a process much like any other social media app, except that potential members of Threads need an Instagram account in order to sign up for Threads. What Instagram and Threads share is a focus on creators (people who create content) and connecting people in a positive manner.

Thread is text based social sharing app where members can share comments about themselves, discuss current events and news, and engage in dialogue.

Threads was initially rolled out in a somewhat work-in-progress state of incompletion. Many features that social media users are used to were missing when the app debuted.

What makes Thread Unique

Threads, initially introduced by twitter and later adopted by other platforms, represent departure from the traditional linear structure of Social Media conversations. Instead of series of disconnected replies, threads enables users to create and follow conversations organised around a central topic. This innovation allows for more coherent, focused and meaningful discussions within the fast paced world of social media.

Encouraging deeper community engagement

By organizing conversation around specific topics, Threads create space for users with share interests come together, exchange ideas, and build communities. Threads have the potential to connect like mindful individuals, fuel creativity and enabled the growth of specialised communities within the broader social media mind landscape.

By organizing conversation, Thread provide a platform to users to express their thoughts, opinion and perspective more comprehensively and cohesively. Hence, another significant advantage of threads is there potential to encourage deeper engagement with a community.

In addition to this community-building organizational structure, Threads can play a role in combating misinformation and toxic behaviour on social media platforms. By providing a structured environment for discussions, Threads encourage users to present evidence, share credible sources, and fact-check information. The hierarchical organization of Threads can also facilitate moderation and discourage toxic behaviour by promoting more thoughtful and respectful interactions. While it may not entirely eliminate these challenges, Threads can contribute to a healthier and more informed social media environment.

The Threads User Experience

To start a discussion on Threads, users typically begin by composing a central post or Tweet on a specific topic. This post serves as the starting point or the "root" of the thread. Users can then attach related tweets or replies to the root post, creating a connected conversation that revolves around the initial topic.

Participating in a thread involves replying to the root post or any existing replies within the discussion. Users can directly respond to a specific tweet or reply within the thread when replying.

This structure allows for a more focused and coherent conversation. As this example shows, Threads enable users with shared interests to unite and form communities around specific topics. This leads to creating niche communities where users can exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and build relationships based on mutual interests. Additionally, users can easily share threads with others, enabling discussions to reach a broader audience.

There is a fast transfer of information online, so the users can stay well informed. It can also be used as a news medium. There are a few social benefits like communication with long-distance friends and relatives. It can provide great employment opportunities online.

How Brands are threading the needle

With its unique emphasis on fostering close-knit communities, Threads has proventobe an attractive platform for businesses eager to engage with their audiences in new and creative ways. What distinguishes Threads from other social networks is the absence of overt selling and traditional advertising. Instead, brands are embracing a more subtle approach, showcasing their personalities and curating humorous content to form deeper connections with their followers.

For instance, homegrown makeup brand Try Sugar has found success by adopting a casual and unfiltered communication style on the app. They focus on posting memes and have already amassed over 100k followers on the platform. By posting about relevant cultural moments and sidestepping direct product promotion, they’ve managed to strike a chord with their audience that not only helps them get higher engagement but also translates into continued growth on and off the platform.

Even smaller brands are adopting this approach — focusing more on authenticity and genuine interactions that resonate with users instead of just posting salesy stuff. And this is one of the best ways of elevating brand loyalty and ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Challenges and Opportunity for Brands

While the rise of Threads has been a remarkable sight to witness, the platform is in its very nascent stages and therefore still faces plenty of challenges. The very qualities that make it a great place for brands are the ones that also make it a scary slope for several other brands.

Threads represents an attractive proposition for advertising dollars. As advertisers and regular users alike grow disillusioned with the toxicity and technical glitches on Twitter, Threads emerges as a potential haven for brands seeking a more positive and brand-friendly environment. The platform’s aversion to politics and news could be a major draw for advertisers, but striking the right balance to retain user engagement while attracting brands will be crucial.


The rise of Threads as a social media app has disrupted the industry, attracting millions of users and a wide array of brands seeking to enhance their online presence. Threads’ influence on social media marketing is undeniable, and as brands and retailers cautiously explore this new frontier, the future trajectory of Threads will determine its lasting impact on the digital landscape.

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