Torturous liability of state during pandemic-19

Every crisis necessitates the selection of a suitable villain and as for the Novel Coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19), we appear to have discovered multiple ones. We connected the epidemic to a variety of reasons, ranging from bats and Chinese cuisine adventure to natural habitat degradation and industrial food production, each advocated by its own army of guardians, ranging from environmental scientists to world-worshipping vegans. At the commencement of 2020, different parts of the world begin to record deaths from COVID-19 and countries knew there could be complications with growing data. Other than the administerial data, many deaths gone unreported. With passing of the months, government started disclosing tallies of the number of deaths, it long-established the suspicion; pandemic was killing a lot more people than being registered. In the times of upheaval like wars, natural disaster or any other calamity, researchers have to tally the data of death and this time it turned to be an excess rate of mortality. These high-level records had flaws; it was unable to differentiate between the actual deaths and the deaths caused by the casualty or can even entitled as failure of the system. There can be many reasons due to which a government a could crash in such situations. Different countries could have experienced different ins and outs but in a huge country like India, population problem could give one of the major explanations along with slow implication process. With all these death records, who is accountable for the equivalent? Of course, The State.

By: – Tanushree Chakraborty Final Year, BA LLBJEMTEC School Of Law

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