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Exclusive Interviews with Legal Victims Shed Light on Systemic Injustices and Call for Reform on #KhulKe app


Legal Talks is an opinionative portal of #khulke app that provides updates on legal developments, judgements, and news related to law and justice in India. It covers a wide range of legal topics, including court judgements, legislative changes and legal analysis.

Legal Talks aims to keep legal professionals, scholars, and the general public informed about significant legal events and issues. Additionally, it offers insights into various legal matters through interviews and opinion pieces authored by legal experts and Advocates.

Ground Work Of The Team

The team conducts thorough research to gather information on legal developments, judgements and legislature changes. They ensure that the content is accurate, informative, and engaging for the audience. 

After analysing the gathered information, team members are responsible for conducting interviews with law experts and Advocates of various district courts of Delhi, High court of Delhi and also the Supreme court of India.

They prepare interview questions, conduct interview and features based on the insights gained. The team also responsible for managing the technical aspects of the platform, such as content management system. They ensure that the platform functions smoothly and reaches its target audience effectively.

Overall, the team works collaboration to gather, analyse and disseminate legal information in a timely and accessible manner, catering to the needs of legal professionals, law students and general public.

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Litigants united is such a platform which conduct interviews of legal victims and play a crucial role in amplifying their voice, advocating for justice, and driving positive change with in the legal system.

Importance Of The Interviews

These interviews shed light on the experiences of individuals who have been subjected to legal injustices or violations of their rights. By sharing their stories, legal victims can raise awareness about systemic issues, flaws in the legal system, and the need for reforms.

Hearing directly from legal victims humanizes the impact of legal disputes, injustices, and violations. It puts a face to the legal complexities and helps the audience empathize with the challenges faced by those involved in legal battles.

By sharing their experiences, victims may advocate for changes in laws, policies, or legal procedures to prevent similar injustices from occurring in the future. Insights gained from interviews with legal victims can inform discussions on legal reform and policy changes. They provide valuable input for lawmakers, legal professionals, and policymakers seeking to address gaps in the legal system and improve access to justice.

Also, participating in interviews can empower legal victims by giving them a voice and a platform to share their experiences. It can be a cathartic experience for victims to speak out about their struggles and seek support from the community. Interviews with legal victims may also hold accountable those responsible for legal injustices, whether they are individuals, institutions, or systemic issues within the legal system. By sharing their stories publicly, victims may seek accountability and redress for the harm they have suffered.

How The Team Of Litigants United Works

The team conducts research to identify potential legal victims who have experienced injustices or rights violations. This may involve monitoring news reports, court cases, legal advocacy groups, social media, and other sources to identify relevant stories.

Once potential legal victims are identified, the team reaches out to them to explain the purpose of the interview and discuss their willingness to participate. This may involve contacting them directly through email, phone calls, or social media.

Building trust with legal victims is crucial to ensure their comfort and willingness to share their experiences. The team members may engage in preliminary discussions with the victims to establish rapport, explain the interview process, and address any concerns they may have about confidentiality or privacy.

Before the interview takes place, the team members ensure that the legal victims fully understand the purpose of the interview, the topics that will be discussed, and their rights as participants. They obtain informed consent from the victims to participate in the interview and may address any questions or concerns they may have.

The team plans the logistics of the interview, including scheduling a convenient time, arranging any necessary equipment or technology, and preparing interview questions. They may also consider factors such as the comfort and safety of the participants during the interview process.

During the interview, team members maintain a respectful and empathetic approach while allowing the legal victims to share their stories in their own words. They ask open-ended questions to encourage detailed responses and may follow up on specific points for clarification or deeper understanding.

Throughout the interview process, the team members respect the privacy and confidentiality of the legal victims. They ensure that sensitive information shared during the interview is handled with care and that the victims have control over what they choose to disclose publicly. 

After the interview, the team may offer support and resources to the legal victims, such as referrals to legal aid services, counseling support, or assistance in accessing further assistance or advocacy. They also ensure that the victims have the opportunity to review the interview content and provide any final input or edits before publication.

Some Interviews Of Legal Victims: 







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