Can One Nation, One Poll Become Reality?

September 12, 2023

What is Election?

Election Simply is an act of casting votes to elect an individual for a specific position in the government. It is the backbone of the democratic government of India, whether the political decision are made directly by the citizens of the country.

I am quite conflicted about this to be honest.

I like the idea of One nation, One election

One term roughly consists of 1800 days and if 100 days are spent in elections (usually Parliamentary and Legislative elections can happen in a month and other elections close to 70 days). Add another 2 months for campaigns and that is close to 160 days. We have 90% of the term to focus on real development work and our leaders can do that without having to worry about pleasing the rabble 

One Nation, One Election has been in discussion for quite some time now since the new government was formed. The issue gained momentum in 2014 before the general elections in India. The system can help the ruling parties focus on governance instead of being constantly in election mode and can be a significant contributor in boosting voter turnout. Read all about it below.

Why in News?

The topic again came to the forefront after Prime Minister Narendra Modi again raised the issue of One Nation One Election and a single voter list for all polls. As per him since India lacks these two things, development work gets affected at various stages once the model code of conduct is implemented at the time of elections.

One Nation, One Election: Significance

Elections are held at different places every few months and it hampers the developmental work. Currently, in the Indian regime, elections to the state assemblies and the Lok Sabha are held separately, that is whenever the incumbent government’s five-year term ends or whenever it is dissolved due to various reasons.

This applies to both the state legislatures, Vidhan Sabha and the Lok Sabha. The terms of Legislative Assemblies and the Lok Sabha may not synchronize with one another.

One Nation, One Election: Historical Background

Conducting elections simultaneously was a norm in India until 1967. It was after the dissolution of some Legislative Assemblies in 1968 and 1969 and the Lok Sabha in December 1970, that the elections to State Assemblies and Parliament were conducted separately.

It was then in the annual report of the Election Commission in 1983 that shifting back to simultaneous elections was mooted. The Law Commission seconded the move in its report in 1999. When PM Modi talked about it again in 2016, the NITI Aayog prepared a working paper on the subject. The final push was given before the polls of 20

About the process

The topic again came to the forefront after Prime Minister Narendra Modi again raised the issue of One Nation One Election and a single voter list for all polls. As per him since India lacks these two things, development work gets affected at various stages once the model code of conduct is implemented at the time of elections.

The winter session of the state legislature to be held from December 7 to 15 would be debating the idea of ‘One Nation, One Election’ on the last two days. 

One Voter list

The idea of One Nation One election suggests that only one voter list must be used for Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, and other elections.

A common electoral roll will save the expenditure on the part of the Government but would require various states to bring about a few changes in their respective laws. It would also adopt the ECI voters list for municipal and panchayat polls.


Pros of the above system:

Our federal system will become more enhanced as the citizens would easily differentiate between national and state issues. ( con of ‘One nation one election’ resolved)

Elections will be held every year to keep our politicians in check. ( con of ‘One nation one election’ resolved )

Elections will be held only once a year and hence this will increase the efficiency of the politicians. Not like in the present year (2023), in the February elections held in various North Eastern states, in the May elections held in Karnataka and in the upcoming months elections will be held in Telangana, Rajasthan etc. (con of current system resolved)

It is beneficial for our politicians too. In the year 2021, elections were held in various states at the same time including Kerala and West Bengal. So, the politicians had to travel a lot to perform rallies at faraway locations in a very short period. 

If you notice, the above zones also have similar cultures. So, while preparing manifestos, governments can provide better schemes as there will be a better sync between all the neighbouring states.


Cons of the above system:

It keeps government’s performance in check. The leaders are kept on toes always.

While the costs can be decreased, the cost of elections is a small price to pay for functional democracy

The opposition, which is most important pillar of democracy after government gets weakened and fails to check the decisions of government


Why is Narendra Modi propagating One Nation One Election?

This is not political agenda but a very good step and i think all parties should support this.

It is having many benefits :


ELECTIONS are something in which many resources and money is used. If we look at the figures according to election commission in 2014 elections 3870 crores rupees were used!!!

And in legislative assembly elections too crores of rupees are used. One nation one election concept will drastically save the money of the nation which can be used in other development projects.


In India there are 5 to 7 legislative assembly elections per year. And it leads to the application of code of conduct due to which all development projects get arrested again and again.

In many cases one state requires help of other state and if in case code of conduct is being applied there it also stops the work in that state too. So one nation one election will give a good push to development of the country.


ELECTIONS are the time when politicians give statements which divide the people on the name of caste religion etc and lots of riots and disturbance takes place and if there are 5 to 7 elections a year it will always lead to tension somewhere.


It is often seen that leader who is sitting in central government goes to a state for campaigning if there is any election for its party. It disturbs the duty of the leader. One nation one election will stop this.

So it is a concept which should get support from all


Today in this article, I have given detailed information about the One Country One Election. By reading the given information carefully, you must have understood very quickly what is one country and one election are and what the benefits of it. If you have understood the information about Essay on One Country One Election well from this article, share it with your friends, and remember to share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments.

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