Multiple Criminal complaints against Swara Bhasker

#ArrestSwaraBhasker trends on Twitter after Swara Bhasker compares ‘Taliban terror’ with ‘Hindutva terror’.

She wrote, “We can’t be okay with Hindutva terror & be all shocked & devastated at Taliban terror… & We can’t be chill with #Taliban terror, and then be all indignant about #Hindutva terror! Our humanitarian & ethical values should not be based on the identity of the oppressor or oppressed.”

A criminal complaint was filed by Delhi practicing Advocate Yukti Rathi against Swara Bhasker in Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad for her derogatory tweet about comparing Hindutva with the Taliban. She says in her complaint that a tweet of Swara Bhasker has tried to equate Hindu religion with Taliban Terror. She has deliberately stated Hindutva Terror.

Through her tweet, Swara Bhasker has created a wrong impression in minds of people by comparing Hindu religion in the context of Taliban terror. She is saying that the Hindu religion is itself terrorist in the said tweet.

Advocate Yukti Rathi said that Swara Bhasker is carrying a criminal mindset, malafide intention towards Hindus and have tried to create ill-will and rift about Hindus in the minds of people from other religion by portraying Hindu religion as a terrorist religion without any truth attached to it and It is necessary to find out whether there exists a criminal conspiracy to malign the Hindu Religion and thus help terrorist organizations such as the Taliban.

After the filing of a criminal complaint by her multiple complaints were filed against Swara Bhasker for her words against Hindus.

Advocate Payal Mehta from Bombay High Court also filed a criminal complaint against Swara Bhasker for spreading hatred against Hindus.

More than fifteen complaints were lodged against Swara Bhaskar in different states of India and police is currently investigating the matter.

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